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​John Avery

​​​I'm a writer who loves to write stories that forc​e good people into terrifying situations – just to see how they react.

5 X 5 Short Stories

5 X 5 Short Stories

(A complete story containing 5 complete sentences with 5 words each.)

My Lady
by John Avery

"What troubles you, My Lady?"
"They all stare," I replied.
He shifted, blocking their view.
I smiled at the man.
He let the axe fall.

Fade to Black
by John Avery

The knife blade was cold.
His hand soaked with sweat.
"I'm not her!" I screamed.
It fell on deaf ears.
My world faded to black.

Something Else

by John Avery

“I love you,” she said.
“I love you as well.”
“Then why hurt me so?”
“It is what I do.”
“Then do something else, okay?”

The Trail

by John Avery

The forest trail was cold.

Her hands were as well.

She should never have left.

But she had no choice.

That is what widows do.